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Matching Stories up (breaking character for a moment as TD/CA/Hauptmann

Posted: Fri Jun 04, 2021 10:17 am
by Shawn Duggins
Those wondering as to when they joined the Faehnlein, it pretty much follows with where you came into the guild with, and which campaigns you've "participated in with us". When I took over as Hauptmann von Schoenvortz (the year after I retired Dieter KERN) I retconned us back to Pavia, mustering troops to cross the alps, as I recall. I mighta started us just POST Pavia....

Those who were with us at that point, Chad, Jonny, Jesse, Otto, Johan, and KIlger, have story starting points with me that predate that. Others have joined at various points, post-pavia for 2011-12, Post BauernKrieg about 2014, Post Siege/Sack of Rome 2019, and Vienna if you completed 2019. Those joining from other Faehnleins need to basically retconn themselves in to our gig. IF someone wants to start LATER, Laura's Adelheide whose story has always been that she was taken from Rome during the Sack by us, for instance, we just work it in and don't worry about earlier incongruities.

Those joining later who have no experience are starting off as new soldaten, straight off of the Farm, or out of the apprenticeship, or still fleeing the law for whatever they'd done to force them into this life... (remember, MANY of us are truly scum... Having some high falooting character basis is widely unrealistic, even for the highest amongst us.)