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Our story, to date... der Short Form

Posted: Mon Jun 14, 2021 8:34 am
by Shawn Duggins
The Landsknechte of Heiligensturm Faehnlein are most recently returned from their triumphant defense of Vienna, where for months, they repelled the continued onslaught and siege of the Turkish Host, saving ALL of Europe from enslavement at the hands of the Heathen Turks. Once known as the Scourge of GOD, the Landsknechte are responsible for some of the most heinous acts of brutality and horror in the time period, putting down countless peasant rebellions, and even ENDING the Renaissance with their Siege and Sacking of Rome in 1527.

Using Koroneburg as a recruiting station for the regiment they are attached to, the Landsknechte under Hauptmann von Schoenvortz pick and choose the cream of the Koroneburg youth (as well as those attending the good Baron's Festival) for training to become soldiers in the latest developments of the Italian Wars.

The armies they recruit for have participated in dozens of battles over the decades, fighting back French expansion into the Holy Roman Empire, as well as various other engagements both for the Empire, and for those able to pay their fees when not actively campaigning for their Emperor.